středa 7. června 2017

Mrs. Hyde

A day like every other,
sun goes up and down.
I'm meeting well-known person
as darkness falls on town.

Her name is Hyde* and I have a feeling
this girl is more than friend.
She's part of me, my inner being...
She's here, she's dark; my courage fleeing,
she emerges and I know well:
Here she is.
And here's my end.

The worst  of worst from my soul's depth,
the thoughts, the words, the acts I fear
All of it means one thing: death.
And all of it is oh so near.

How do I end this viscious date
and send Hyde on her way?
It's hard to say no to this mate
but I need to - come what may!

Help me, please, oh God above,
my hope, my father, the lord of Love!
Come, rescue me, rescue my life!
Clense my heart, my hands, my mouth...

Only you can break the spell,
kill Hyde on the cross.
Save me from the burning hell,
give me strength as I'm at loss.

*For better understanding of this allusion I recommend reading Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.