sobota 15. ledna 2011


Katie by Clara bernice Miller is about a young Amish girl, who is starting to wonder, whether her chrurch is right about all things. As she started reading bible more, she discovered several pasages, that doesn't agree with what their bishop and preachers say. And there starts her struggels for her faith and conviction and for a real love.
Mrs. Miller gives us really special picture of mind of maturing woman. I was suprised how properly she described all the feelings and opinions of Katie !
In spite of an influence by Jane Austen, which was apparent(it did'nt bother me though ! I'm the last who would refuse even a mention about J.A.!) I like the way she spoke about marriage-basically: It's not the most important thing to do. As a woman I should just follow Lord's will and if he wants he'll lead me to my husband. 
Intentionally I didn't write much about the plot, so you can read it yourself without knowing the end ;)
Enjoy !

(If you don't know where to get this book, try or for Czech republic)

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