pondělí 30. srpna 2010


If butterfly would lend me wings
those colorful and trembling,
I'd fly into your arms
so my dreams won't be fading.

There I'd find the perfect peace
the sureness of your presence,
the warmth of real and bigest love
I'm founding in your embrance.

And if the angels would have taught me
how to fly right trough the sky
I wouldn't be that stupid, that 
I wouldn't give it a try.

I'd fly above the oceans,
above the heat of desert.
I'd fly above the forests
to see love I don't deserve !

Everything in me, Lord Jesus,
draws me to your being
with you, I'm sure, my little heart
won't be again bleeding.

Jesus, I still don't get why
did you die for me
but for your prescious blood that washed me
I will worship Thee !

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Milan Buban řekl(a)...

Very good, Mini!